pyExtinction’s documentation

Authors:Clément Buton, Yannick Copin
Copyright:2012-2017, Clément Buton, Yannick Copin
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This Python script / package computes total atmospheric extinction from decomposition into physical components (Rayleigh attenuation, ozone absorption, aerosol extinction), as described in Buton et al. (2013), Atmospheric extinction properties above Mauna Kea from the Nearby Supernova Factory spectro-photometric data set. default extinction parameters are adapted to mean Mauna-Kea summit conditions:

Atmospheric extinction parameters.
Parameter Value ± Error
Mauna Kea
Pressure 616 ± 2 mbar
Ozone column 257 ± 23 DU
Aerosols optical depth @ 1 micron 0.0076 ± 0.0014
Aerosols angstrom exponent 1.26 ± 1.33

Please if you have derived mean extinction parameters for other locations.


If you have found this extinction curve model useful for your research, we would appreciate a reference to Buton et al. (2013). The software itself can be cited with Buton & Copin (2014).



This code is placed under the CeCILL-C free software license agreement.